Donate Resources

When you donate to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your donations are tax-deductible. When you make an in-kind donation, or a donation of something other than money, you can still write off the monetary value of that donation. In-kind donations are extremely important to us. Let us know how you can help.


Office Space – in order to maximize every dollar we spend, we don’t currently have a traditional office where we can work, store materials, print, and have meetings. An office space could have an enormous impact on our organization’s capabilities


Printer/Ink/Paper – We want to spend the money we raise on the communities we support to make sure quality sports and music opportunities are provided for those who need them. In order to operate though, we often need to print materials to share with our partners, collaborators, and donors.


Acoustic Guitars and Other Musical Instruments – As we continue to expand the number of communities we work with and the number of children we support, we’re always in need of more instruments, particularly acoustic guitars.  


Basketballs/Sneakers/Sports Equipment – We are always in need of sports equipment for our partners. As our international community grows, so too does the need for new equipment.


For further information on how to donate, please email