Sponsor a Program

Want to change a child’s life? Or how about an entire orphanage? There are plenty of ways to empower vulnerable youth around the world. Make a donation today or choose to sponsor an entire program!

Music for Refugees in Athens – Athens, Greece – $4,000

There are thousands of refugees taking shelter in abandoned areas of Athens as opposed to choosing to live in camps that can often be restrictive. As they work to cope with this new reality, we’re working to make sure that refugees in Athens have a place to go to feel safe and express themselves.

Middle Eastern Music Classes – Ritsona Refugee Camp, Greece - $2,000

In order to make music classes at Ritsona the most meaningful they can be for the most amount of people, we’re working to create a classroom that focuses on learning local Syrian and Kurdish instruments such as the oud.

Enfants de Dieu Music Classes – Kigali, Rwanda - $2,500

The children living at Enfants de Dieu Orphanage in Kigali, Rwanda are passionate about music, but they need assistance getting instruments and instruction. We’re working to make sure that Enfants can provide their community with opportunity to pursue their musical passions and find new means of expression.

Enfants de Dieu Soccer/Athletics Program – Kigali, Rwanda - $3,000

Kids at Enfants de Dieu Orphanage  are in love with sports! From soccer to volleyball, they're eager to have the necessary equipment and instruction to play regularly and get better. We're going to make sure that the kids at Enfants have the chance to play by rebuilding their volleyball court, providing soccer equipment and instruction, and more!

Uganda Basketball Program  – Kampala, Uganda - $6000

The Kikaaya School outside of Kampala is working hard to make sure their students have opportunities to grow and be successful. Part of that recipe is making sure students get plenty of exercise and take care of their mental health. In order to help Kikaaya provide these opportunities to their students, we’re working to build a basketball court and outfit the school with jerseys and sneakers.

Uganda Music Program – Kampala, Uganda - $2500

The Kikaaya School is also trying to provide opportunities for students who are passionate about music. We’re working with Kikaaya to outfit a classroom with local instruments that speak to the students’ interest and the community’s culture. Every student deserves the chance to engage in the arts and find meaningful forms of expression.

Donate Resources

When you donate to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your donations are tax-deductible. When you make an in-kind donation, or a donation of something other than money, you can still write off the monetary value of that donation. In-kind donations are extremely important to us. Let us know how you can help.


Office Space – in order to maximize every dollar we spend, we don’t currently have a traditional office where we can work, store materials, print, and have meetings. An office space could have an enormous impact on our organization’s capabilities


Printer/Ink/Paper – We want to spend the money we raise on the communities we support to make sure quality sports and music opportunities are provided for those who need them. In order to operate though, we often need to print materials to share with our partners, collaborators, and donors.


Acoustic Guitars and Other Musical Instruments – As we continue to expand the number of communities we work with and the number of children we support, we’re always in need of more instruments, particularly acoustic guitars.  


Basketballs/Sneakers/Sports Equipment – We are always in need of sports equipment for our partners. As our international community grows, so too does the need for new equipment.


For further information on how to donate, please email jason@ismproject.org