Ritsona refugee camp sports and music

                                                           "Ritsona Football Pitch"

                                                           "Ritsona Football Pitch"

Our Newest Partner: Ritsona Refugee Camp

ISMP’s newest partner is Ritsona Refugee Camp in Chalkida, Greece. Conflicts around the world, most notably the Syrian Civil War, have left many people with no choice but to flee on a boat and hope they arrive somewhere safely. Many of these people arrived at Ritsona Camp in Greece. But in doing so, family members were killed, homes were destroyed, and futures became uncertain.

Refugees are receiving basic needs such as food, water and medicine, but they lack expressive outlets and opportunities to get away from the despair. That's why ISMP is providing music classes and soccer equipment at Ritsona. Being part of a music class or soccer team allows Ritsona residents to enjoy themselves and to focus their attention, energy and emotions on something constructive and fulfilling. In this way, we provide necessary psychological relief to people who are not given much emotional support despite dealing with significant trauma the significant trauma they face every day.


Helping refugees is about more than just providing enough food and medicine to survive. It also involves helping people find ways to continue enjoying life. This is a major challenge when you're trying to help a child who has lost his/her family and home, as so many of these children have.  Soccer games and music lessons give people something to look forward to, an outlet to turn to as a means of getting away from the immense pain that people are feeling. Soccer provides some semblance of normalcy in a world that can feel unhinged. Being part of a soccer team can restore pride and dignity, can build hope and confidence, and can allow people a few moments of peace.