International Sports and Music Project Begins Soccer and Music Programs at Ritsona Refugee Camp


After reaching initial fundraising goal, ISMP delivers on the ground in Greece


RITSONA, GREECE (June 20, 2017)- The International Sports and Music Project (ISMP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating sports and music participation opportunities for people in vulnerable communities around the world, today announces the successful launch of sports and music programs at the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Ritsona, Greece.

Since arriving at the camp, which supports the basic necessities of approximately 850 refugees, ISMP has launched music lessons for guitar, keyboard and drums to men, women and children. ISMP provides over 70 people with music lessons each week, but with more funding they hope to expand their reach within Ritsona and in other camps.

ISMP is also pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring several adult and children’s soccer teams, providing soccer cleats and jerseys to nearly 100 people at the camp. ISMP also provides soccer balls to children and adults and built a safe, usable soccer field in an area formerly covered in sharp rocks, which amounted to frequent injuries.

“There are many challenges at Ritsona given the dynamic nature of the situation- people are dealing with a significant amount of trauma, different families speak several different languages, and residents come and go regularly. People deal with all of that, but they don’t have a lot to do during the day and boredom is a big issue”, said Jason Steinberg, Executive Director, ISMP. “That’s why we provide opportunities to learn an instruments or join a soccer team- it gives people a chance to have something to look forward to, something where they can have fun and take their mind off things, a way to express themselves and blow off steam.”

About ISMP

ISMP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to using sports and music to uplift people facing hardship around the world. ISMP provides sports equipment and musical instruments to schools, shelters, orphanages and refugee camps. Together with its international partners, ISMP plans and organizes initiatives that serve as meaningful outlets for people in need. To contribute to ISMP’s efforts in Greece, please visit