Student advocates


At ISMP, we believe that students are the greatest catalysts for social change. That's why we're teaming up with groups of highly ambitious students to strengthen our efforts of providing sports and music to people around the world. 


Here's how our STUDENT ADVOCATE groups work: 

1. Your group (team, club, class, fraternity/sorority, band, etc.) fills out the form below detailing who you are, where you are, and why you believe sports and/or music make a difference in the world. 

2. Our team will connect with you to learn more about you and your interests. Together, we will decide which of our international partnerships your group is best suited to support.

3. We provide you with the information and resources about your international partner, our organization, and fundraising/advocacy strategy. 

4. Your group uses your creative energy and passion to organize a fundraiser to support your international partner. The money you raise will directly fund your partner's sports and/or music initiatives.

5. Finally, we provide you with facts, pictures and information documenting the impact your group has had.


Why should you become a STUDENT ADVOCATE?

  1. You will change the world by providing sports and music to people facing hardship
  2. You will be a part of a growing international nonprofit organization 
  3. You will learn strategies and tools used in nonprofits/fundraising that will help you in your academic and professional life
  4. Your group gets the chance to work together on something fun and meaningful.


Can't think of a good fundraiser? Consider turning something you already do into a fundraiser. Here are a few easy FUNDRAISER IDEAS for you and your group:

1. Turn a big game/concert/event into a fundraiser by giving people the option to donate upon entry. Rather than making people feel obligated, this option to give often makes an event more meaningful for participants and attendees.

2. Do you ever have formal meetings where you need to get dressed up? Give people the option to make a charitable donation in exchange for dressing casual for the day. Comfortable clothes = making a difference.

3. Start a fundraising competition with another school, group or team. If one group has a good fundraising idea, turning it into a competition can be extremely fun and can also multiply your impact ! 


Have you ever been part of an incredible fundraiser? Got ideas that you'd like to share with the ISMP Family? Don't hesitate to reach out! We're always looking for passionate people to join us in our cause. Send any questions/comments you have to

Become a Student Advocate