Application for Partnership with the International Sports and Music Project

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Your group is qualified to apply for an International Sports and Music Project grant if you fulfill all of the following requirements:
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Please include: a. Type of group you are starting (music class, basketball team, etc.) b. What resources you’re in need of, including quantity i. Can you get these resources locally? How much would they cost? Are there ways of reducing this cost? c. How many children will be involved in this program? d. How often will the group meet? Do all of the children meet at the same time or do children alternate? e. Who will lead the group? (teachers, volunteers, coaches, etc.)
Please include: a. Does this person have Internet connection? b. Does this person have the ability to take pictures? c. Does this person have printing capabilities to be able to sign a contract, scan it, and send it back? d. Who do we contact in the event the main point person can’t be reached?