Our Core Team


jason Steinberg


Jason Steinberg is an educator and social entrepreneur with a passion for sports, music and social justice. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, he taught English and coached high school basketball in Micronesia. When the team couldn’t afford sneakers or jerseys, Jason began fundraising and the seeds of ISMP were sown. When he isn’t spending time on the ground with our international partners, Jason lives in Brooklyn, New York. Jason spends his free time playing guitar, shooting hoops, reading Kurt Vonnegut and going to concerts. 


Eric Branse

Eric Branse joined ISMP in 2015 and serves as the Assistant Director. He currently lives in Boston where he works as a software consultant. He has a lifelong passion for sports and music and spends his free time running, devouring books and chess puzzles, and following Phish up and down the East Coast.


Arie Wolf

Arie Wolf is a computer programmer, world traveler, and aspiring cheese maker. He spends his summers working at the summer camp where he grew up, and his desire to bring the happiness he sees in his campers to children around the world led him to us. As Chief Technology Officer, he runs the ISMP website and handles all technical matters for the organization. When he's not working Arie enjoys rock climbing, crossword puzzles, and being silly.



Derek sekuler

IMG_1163.JPG Cropped.jpg

Derek Sekuler was called to join ISMP as the partnership with Ritsona Refugee Camp was forming by an infectious love of soccer. Chances are that he’s watching soccer right now. With a background in marketing and recruiting, Derek oversees all of the content that ISMP creates and distributes. If you know who both Francesco Totti and Jerry Garcia are, Derek would like to buy you a beer. 


Jonah Mahrer

Jonah Mahrer is a management consultant living in Los Angeles. The rich history of sports and music in his family’s heritage brought him to ISMP. Jonah is committed to teaming and growing with strategic partners and corporate sponsors that align closely with ISMP’s mission. When he isn’t working to make meaningful connections for ISMP, Jonah is rooting for the UNC Tar Heels (his alma mater), scuba diving around the world, and jamming out to the Grateful Dead.